Unused websites to be cleaned up

Beginning this month, websites on our free plans which have not been deployed for over 60 days, and staging sites which have not been deployed for 90 days, will be scheduled for deletion.

Not to fear, simply re-deploy your site using the button on our dashboard, or the command line tool, to keep it active. You'll be reminded once per week for 30 days to re-deploy the site before it is deleted. Paid sites will never be deleted.

Deploying periodically is important to keep up with security updates, as we continually add patches and bug fixes each month.

Bugs squashed

Thanks to our loyal customers for reporting bugs. Some particularly pesky bugs have been fixed:

  • Deployment log output is improved.
  • Updating environment variables in the dashboard has been improved.
  • Imagemagick is now pre-installed for use with wand or other Python packages.