Python 3.10 and PHP 8.0

We continually add the latest Python and PHP versions as Django and WordPress support them. Currently this includes Python 3.10 and PHP 8.0.

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Deployment log

You can now see a live stream of the current deployment from within the Dashboard. You can also see a list of past deployments and other operations such as: backups, clones, password resets, etc. which have been initiated through the dashboard.

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On-demand backups

You can now take and download backups of your site on-demand directly from the Dashboard. This makes it super convenient to take backups in between deployments or to download an up-to-date snapshot of production.

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Sentinel security

We often joke that a huge percentage of all traffic on the internet is from bots. This is not actually a joke! One of the biggest problems facing our customers’ website performance was being attacked or probed by malicious bots. Our new Sentinel protection:

  • Automatically rate limits requests to your site.
  • Specially protects the Django, Wagtail, and WordPress admin URLs.
  • Temporarily blocks suspicious IP addresses.
  • Sits in front of your website and requires no code changes.
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